Autumn in drawing in.

28 Sep

Summer is drawing to a close...

I love the sun and the heat, but when it comes to fashion, I can be nothing other than glad that autumn is drawing in. I’m all about layering, it’s a must for me, and this weekend I finally felt it possible to wear more just a vest top and shorts out of my house. In fact, it’s turned pretty chilly pretty fast, exemplified by my lovely South African friend, Heather, knocking at my door begging to borrow a hoodie this morning (I’m from England, and I came prepared…)

So on Saturday we went to the Andong Mask Festival, and I sported some of Steph’s jeggings, my claret converse, a (sick) green apparel top, with my favourite H&M waistcoat, the Florence Nightingale Necklace from and saving chunky knit cardigan from Primark…. Camel is definitely in this season. My friend told me  I looked quirky, so I was happy, but then a (relatively handsome) boy told me I looked like a hippy that evening, so I’m not  quite sure I pulled it off….


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