Beautiful Gyeongju….

27 Sep

Well, it has to be said- Chuseok was a massive success this week. Bridgette, Steph and myself headed on our first Korean train ride over to the ancient Silla capital of Korea on Tuesday morning, on a glorious September day.  Upon arrival we found our hostel, dropped off our bags and rented the loveliest bikes, which reminisced of the 1950s, and the days of ‘courting’. And I only fell off once- impressive if you’re aware of my clumsy nature.

our beautiful bikes. Steph: pink. Bridgette: white. Amy: yellow.

We cycled through the city, rang our bells, and filled up our baskets, all the while stocking up on the sights of the beautiful city, and embracing the lack of high rise buildings- an inevitable feature in Daegu, or any other large city. We saw sights like this:

Cheomseongdae Astronomical Observatory.

Imhaejeon Site & Anapji Pond.

Bulguksa Temples.

After a day of fresh air and using some leg muscles I haven’t felt for a long long time on those bikes, we chilled with a few beers in our beautiful hostel. Our only slight worry was having no accommodation booked for the following evening, what with the Thanksgiving holiday and everywhere we’d already tried being booked up. However, after waking up to more English style weather (i.e- rain; the fine rain that soaks you through), we found a space in the first hostel we entered, accompanied by an array of other westerners, even a guy from Widnes. I felt at home as soon as I heard his voice! We headed over to the Shilla Millennium Park, saw some traditional shows, some impressive architecture, and embarked on some serious crafting.

my pottery.

It turned into a messy night that evening with plenty of beer and a visit to my first norebang (i.e- a private karaoke room).  After a lot of bad singing, the 15 of us squeezed to the front of the room for a rendition of Don’t Look Back in Anger.

Don't Look Back in Anger.

After very little sleep we left the hostel and got a bus over to the Bulguksa to see the beautiful temples and Buddha. The train ride home was spent fast asleep, getting to grips with the excitement of the few days away… only  a little disappointed we didn’t have the Friday off work as well, like all the other teachers I’ve met. Our first trip was without a doubt a success, and the awe-inducing sights of beautiful Gyeongju will stay with me for a long long time.


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