20 Sep

I am nicely settled in to life in Korea now. I have been having a blast, and only once have I struggled due to a combination of a really evil class on Friday night, and sickness (I feel like I’ve got freshers flu again). But it didn’t stop me going out that evening and drinking a few ‘cocktails in a bag…’

mmmm... sangria in a bag...

I guess it’s a bit of body shock, and I don’t know what I can or can’t eat because of my ever-sexy geographic tongue. Most things are a bit spicy, so I feel like I need to get myself some iron tablets and some bugs to snack on until I can figure out my dish of choice. I have been trying as much food as possible. I’ve had sam gyup sal, bimimbap; I tried galbi and it burned my mouth off. I am trying 🙂 (I don’t know if that’s how you spell these things exactly- the Korean alphabet is on my list of things to learn.) I am so getting used the chop sticks too. Although many Koreans don’t have faith in me…

Chopsticks with a child's fork...

I was out with an American, a Canadian, a South African, and a girl from Middlesborough a few days ago (no- this isn’t the start of a joke…) and as a group we accidentally ordered chickens feet. Thankfully the sauce was spicy, so I got out of that one quite easily- and I was so proud of Adam for annihilating that plate!

yuum- chickens feet.

The following day I saw this delicacy uncooked at a market- and those little trotters still had toenails on them. Delicious.

I am still blaming my jetlag for my strange sleeping patterns- that and my 2-9 working hours. However, it’s holiday time already! So Steph, Bridgette and I are off to Gyeongju on Tuesday for 3 days over Chuseok. It was the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Silla and the scenery looks like it will melt my heart. Wish us luck for our first Korean holiday. Peace x


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