15 Sep

In a park downtown…

Apologies …for my lack of blogs. I have been go go GO since I arrived in Korea. And I have actually MADE friends. And I mean proper friends. At least 3 of them 🙂 I’ve met hundreds of people; there are so many foreigners downtown, and everyone seems to know everyone else. The weekends fly by and we stay out until it is light again. My usual 10 hours sleep a day is taking a hit (that’s not a hyperbole… I’m used to 10 hours a night) While I love meeting new people, I have also met some US soldiers that seem to think they can get whatever/ whoever they want, but it seems for every one bad egg, there are 12 good in their place, so it’s not so bad.

My kids are absolutely adorable. This week I had the cutest class of 6 year olds, but one of them smacked his head against a table when I was playing one of my games. He cried and hugged me a lot. His English name is Jelly, and 7 days later he still seems to like me, thank god. I’m just waiting for the court date…


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