I left on a jet plane. I should be back again, in around a year.

2 Sep

It has to be said… if there is any indication that the adventure you’re about to embark on is going to be a success, it is being upgraded to business class upon arrival at the airport. I was feeling very nervous and a ‘tad’ anxious (to say the least)- as I travelled down to Portsmouth the day before my flight in order to make it to London Heathrow relatively easily, and yet the feeling quadrupled over night. My heart was in my stomach and I was SO close to asking my Mum to take me straight back to Warrington and dismiss the entire thing. However, my randomly selected upgrade hinted that a good year was to come.

As comfortable as business class was (and as yummy those five courses (including steak) were), it was still a hell of a long journey… and getting on a bus straight from the plane was neither desirable nor easy. Thank god for the lovely girl sitting next to me on the flight, fluent in English and Korean, and feeling equally out of place in the premium travel as I did. She ordered my bus tickets, and helped call my director to tell him when to meet me when my long limousine bus journey was over, this was all after asking the Korean air hostess, on a number of occasions, to top up my glass with champagne- LIFE SAVER!

When I got off the bus at Dong Daegu station there was nobody waiting for me. I knew that my smooth sailing luck had to run out sometime. But, after 20 minutes waiting and two anxious phone calls to my new boss (who doesn’t speak English) later, a Mr. Un emerged asking if I was ‘Amy’. As the only Westerner in the joint I thought I MIGHT have stood out, but apparently not! After a whopping 20 hours travelling, all I really wanted to do was sleep for four days (seriously- I’m a sleeper), alas, to the school I went. I was checked into a ‘love motel’, a venue whose lighting was suspiciously similar to that of the red light district, and I dropped my luggage next to an array of condoms and pornos. Off for dinner I went. I’m not going to lie- I kind of regretted going straight for dinner with the Canadian girl whose job I have taken over. She was less than helpful, as she confessed to hating her entire year teaching at this school and living in Korea. I was so exhausted and scared I almost started sobbing right there over the Korean BBQ, and if it wasn’t so delicious I seriously may have. BUT, I kept it together, and in my head decided to ignore her negativity, I will make the best of this year… fo’sho…


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