So close… so far.

25 Aug

It’s interesting- how much we take for granted in life. This morning, I went to have a shower when half way through my lather, the water stopped. Now it might not seem a big deal but it took me three bottles of water to rinse out the shampoo, and I didn’t have enough to condition. I know I’m moaning unnecessarily but it really has left me in a tetchy mood since. The water’s still off. And then I said I’d go and meet a friend, but they didn’t get back to me so I was left walking around town like a lemon. This, of course, resulted in me spending money I simply do not have. Oh dear. Maybe I’m just feeling restless, so close to departure, so much to do, and the nerves are really setting in. I had a lovely evening with my best friend on Monday- it was our farewell night, and we had a few too many drinks- did a lot of chatting, and broke the jukebox:

But honestly- if the jukebox doesn’t acknowledge your choice then you DO keep trying, and it WILL play the same Laura Marling song 6 times in a row. We made a swift exit by the time the second repeat came. Anyway- the evening was lovely, as was the full English breakfast we had the following morning to save our souls. But Sam got mean. He was very mean (in a jokey way).  I knew why, and he admitted it was simply because it made it easier for me to leave- because who wants a long drawn out goodbye? But now I’M getting antsy. I feel as though I’m just hanging about- you know when the plane is delayed and you’re just hanging around in the airport? It feels like that. Monday is so close- and yet so far. And I really should get my bum in gear and do some packing.


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