Let the adventures begin!

15 Aug

I’ve always had a bit of a problem with doing things I say I’ll do. When I have a job interview I’ll say I’m a completer-finisher and stand proud, and yet, what happened to that scarf I started knitting last summer? (half done.) And the time I said I’d do a semester studying abroad (I’ve graduated now.) And the time I said I’d start blogging at LEAST every other day (That took a while to lift off.) I think it’s a problem a lot of people have, always moaning about leaving, travelling, quitting their jobs and having an adventure. It seems people get more relief and satisfaction from being ‘dissatisfied’ than actually taking the time to do something about it. And this is certainly not a criticism; I am a pessimistic starter-not-finisher myself.

And yet I like to think I’m becoming a do-er. Now I’ve graduated, I have decided to leave my native England, (for at least a year), and head across the world, to South Korea. I have a job in a school, and will be teaching English to children in Daegu city. It is the fashion capital of Korea, in case you didn’t know! While I appreciate all the faith my friends and family have in me, all telling me I’ll be fine, I can’t help but feel a little anxious. My anxieties change focus every few days. The first was- ‘what if I don’t make any friends?’ The second was- ‘what if I’m a terrible teacher and the kids learn nothing from me?’. Then there was the whole North Korea might bomb me fear. About now I’m on the LITTLE worries, like the spicy food that my geographic tongue refuses to consume, and the fact they eat dog. And that it’s very hard to get hold of cosmetics and deodorant. I have no idea what I’m letting myself in for. BUT I’m excited. I couldn’t stand to stay in England finding it almost impossible to get a job that I would enjoy- I need to see the world, it really is what I’m all about. I’ve got to go now anyway. I’ve invested a hell of a lot of time and money in the Visa process! I will be departing in 2 weeks- eeeee!

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