Summer Lovin’

12 Aug

On the balcony after a hard days sunbathing…

As much of a dedicated follower of fashion I am (and of course, as much of a Kinks fan I am), I really struggle in the summer. I DO buy all the fashion magazines still- god knows what I’d do without ELLE- but I simply cannot pull off or bear to attempt elaborate glamour in 90 degree heat. I can’t even put on mascara on the beach without it resulting in real panda eyes. And those luscious beach tresses they’re always on about? Well, they’re scraped back in a bun for optimum tanning and comfort. I think a lot of people will understand that, and ignore the elaborate beach styles preached by the fashionable powers that be. My bright floral bandeau bikini and canvas flip flops is all you’ll catch me in. (Both of which died a death this holiday, and were ceremoniously, and almost tearfully, thrown in the bin outside our Crete apartment before our departure for the airport).

But here goes another confession- I don’t bother too much in the evenings either. Holidays are the only time where I won’t use a hairdryer or straighteners for two weeks, won’t pull out my kitten heels, and I’ll leave my smoky eyes in my English nightclub. I let my tan speak for itself, with a floral summer dress, a little adornment with some simple jewellery, and some benefit bad gal lash mascara, being all that separates me from day to night. This photo was taken on the balcony of our apartment before a lovely evening out full of Greek salads, moussaka and ouzo.

This Topshop dress really does the job for a warm summers night. The floaty tiers ensure avoiding overheating and a flattering silhouette, while nothing screams summer more than the delicate floral design. The spaghetti straps give a girly feel, while the intricate peephole cut outs along the top add a little flirt to the frock. I added my thin leather watch (a gift from my father), Pandora bracelet (a gift from my best friend, Amy), ring (a gift from my mother), and a flower in my hair on the disguised side (a gift from myself), and was ready within seven minutes of exiting the shower. All the more beach time in the day!

What do you wear when on holiday? Any tips for the warm weather??


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