It’s all Greek to me!

11 Aug

A content Greek lady, watching ships passing in the night…

Yesterday, I returned from two weeks on the beautiful island of Crete. The weather didn’t falter from ‘glow’-inducing rays once, and fourteen days of hearing the sea lapping on the sandy white shores was enough to completely restore my wearied soul after a stressful year of studying. I spent the entire time in my bikini, going through book after book, admiring the pure and traditional surroundings of a small fishing town, which some how has been blessed in avoiding a total tourist invasion. The history of the island resonates in the architecture; from the seaside tavernas, the Venetian buildings post-invasion, the rods sticking up from roofs promising another layer to the buildings that may never come, to the local football grounds, that most English league players would flat out refuse to play on. Truly enchanting.

Kalives Titans Football Club- Stadium dugout

I am totally and utterly relaxed. And going to work this morning was perhaps one of the most painful awakenings I’ve had in a while. Now I must work on my Visa, and get excited for the next phase of my life- I’m off to South Korea for a year to teach English!


One Response to “It’s all Greek to me!”

  1. Helena August 11, 2010 at 8:32 pm #

    I’m going to Crete in a fortnight, this has made me so excited! Although I reckon my gingey complexion is going to need some factor 50 to avoid sunburn hell.
    South Korea sounds incredible, I think you’re very brave. My friend has just moved to Japan to teach and is having an incredible time. Good luck with horrid Visa forms, and keep blogging please, I love it x

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