Underwear as Outerwear…

3 Jul

Underwear as outerwear… Do you rate it? It was always a trend I was against. Tacky, tasteless, and leaves nothing to the imagination for that lovely looking man that is at the other side of the room. Take Paris Hilton here, for example…

So when my 21st birthday came about, believe me, I was more surprised than anyone that the only dress that stood out at me was the one I am pictured in above. At first, I just thought it was quite a daring see-through look, that required a vest and skirt underneath, but no, when this Topshop dress scanned through the till, it definitely scanned as a ‘nightwear’ product. The fear struck me a little, I won’t lie, but I thought I’d just go for it. The week before one of my university friends said to me she thought I was ‘cute’ but not sexy, which I guess comes from my flowery dresses overflowing from my wardrobe. But I took the chance, I wore the nightdress to my party…. with a headband from Accessorize, and my hair in its natural curly state…. Can I pull it off??


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