It’s not easy being Green…

13 Jun

It’s not easy being Green… just as Kermit the frog said when he was touring with Sesame Street. And what a lot of people will the thinking when Rob Green gets the real reception he deserves from England fans for his slippy fingers in yesterday’s England vs USA World Cup match. What was he doing? Really? We thought he had it covered. Guess not. I had a debate with a friend yesterday about World Cup spirit. It was myself against a male friend, and the stereotypical gender roles were completely reversed. He hates football, will never watch a league game with me, no matter how hard I try. Yet suddenly now it involves his country, his precious ‘England’, he has got all up on his high horse about the whole thing. I watched the match with him yesterday, and his frustration with Green’s slippy fingers only made me chuckle. I know my laughter in itself provoked him, but by the 17th time I saw it, all I was thinking was: ‘typical England’. Carson did it a few years ago, and I remember his first league game back after his blunder, the Villa fans weren’t happy. I DO enjoy the unifying nature of the World Cup, and don’t get me wrong, I love my country too. But I doubt we can win it, especially if we can’t beat USA. My real frustrations with the World Cup lie with non-football fans frustrations, if that makes sense? It’s unifying, that’s great. But don’t take it so seriously if you can’t tell me the offside rule. Any thoughts?? GO ENGLAND!!!


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